Data Scientist – Technology & Innovation

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


Overview & Job Summary

(S)he will play an important role in the identification and development of advanced statistical analytical models, machine learning methods and solutions to improve our existing services and eventually help the team create new avenues of services.

In this role, you will be directly reporting to Head of Section- Technology & Innovation.

  1. Completely aligned with scientific method characteristics, i.e. Empirical, replicable, systematic, objective and temporary characteristics to be updated
  2. Organized, risk-taking, integrity and group cooperation.
  3. In reviewing and introducing methodologies, standards, new services in line with the rapidly changing business and technological environment, you are expected to play a key role.
  4. Work with other team members in the renewable advisory field to gain technical expertise in the sector
  5. End modeling using R or python machine learning techniques with a good working knowledge of different packages.
  6. Analyze unstructured and structured Big Data; architect data intelligence tools for the extraction of intelligent business information
  7. Well versed in probability, statistics and mathematics; successfully conceptualize, develop and test different statistical models. Design and development of machine learning algorithms
  8. Find ways and scope for improvements in the provision of existing services and implement them through internal projects in close cooperation with a larger energy advisory team.
  9. Engage in various global innovation projects and initiatives by Laxmisol and ensure the development and implementation of new solutions in the Indian region.
  10. Work closely with the experienced global pool of data scientists in Europe and North America; explore opportunities for the exchange of experiences with the global team through deployments to offices abroad.
  11. In the fast-paced environment, manage multiple priorities effectively and meet deadlines.
  12. Take an active part in the ongoing transition to global energy and help shape the future of energy.
  13. Mentoring and training of other employees
  14. Maintain a trust-oriented environment and help team members achieve their potential to participate in research and development projects and to contribute to the publication of journal papers.


  1. Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science or any related streams
  2. At least 4 years of relevant experience in developing platforms of large-scale data processing and implementing machine and deep learning algorithms.
  3. 3-5 years experience in the area(s) of statistical analysis/ modeling/ text mining/supervised and unsupervised learning.
  4. Excellent programming skills in R/Python
  5. Proficiency in Probability, Statistics, and Linear Algebra
  6. Excellent communication, analytical and problem-solving skills
  7. Should be able to effectively lead, motivate and coach people in varying disciplines to achieve improved overall performance


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