We are a gateway platform connecting individuals and companies in the green energy space with their needs of talent, training and value education.
We're a platform for the freshers who have no background knowledge of green energy,
for the veterans who want to update themselves with newer developments,
for the enthusiasts who only wish to dive deeper in the field,
for the students who want to certify their knowledge,
and for the change makers that are looking for opportunities and be a part of the revolution.

We are Reojob. Come on board and Fall In Love With Renewable Energy.



One person can't change the world alone, but collectively, people working towards the same goal can & we do what we do to empower everyone with the same vision for the future.



We intend to accelerate the growth and adoption of Renewable Energy and Sustainable living in India. Every effort we make would be in the same direction and to achieve the same cause.



Through intriguing information, top-notch training and dynamic opportunities in the space, our mission is to make people Fall in Love With Renewable Energy.

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